"Attaining the deepest and highest level of spiritual freedom that you can should always be your goal"

Fennella Miller

"The cage has been broken, the doors are all open. Now all I gotta do is walk out"

Fennella Miller

He hates me

I wonder if he will ever understand the way I felt about him? That I did love him and I gave him what I could. I could’nt have him see me that way or see him waste and offer all his love on someone who was marked to die anyway. Somehow their prayers managed to save my life. He never understood the cage I was in, the chains that held me, the pain that raped me daily. And now he hates me… he purely hates me.

Anonymous said:

You're back!

nope, not quite yet ;)

Anonymous said:

whats your insta. love the style..

Thanks love my instagram is @fennellamiller

"I’m hated by people I’ve never even talked to. I’m watched by people I don’t even know exist."

Fennella Miller

"Sooner or later God will violate your religious views. He will remind you how much more important it is to care for the poor, to pray for your enemies, and to make disciples. When he does, be prepared to let go of your man-made cultural Christianity, and follow where He leads."

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"Once you truly get a taste of a spiritual person who sees the light through all the darkness of the world; you will want more like an insect that feeds off light."

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